What my clients say

A programme that can be tailored to you

Belinda helped me understand step by step the programme and how to read and interpret all the parts of it. Belinda made sure that we had set it up so it would fit in with my lifestyle, so it was supportive not restrictive to ensure maximum results by making it easy to follow.
Belinda was excellent in recognising my lifestyle needs to make sure I felt supported and motivated to keep going. What I love about the coaching programme is Belinda identified what is going to work for me and structure the programme around that. This isn’t just a weight loss programme, it’s a way to structure healthy eating into your life.
Belinda is supportive, realistic and champions me with the results I am getting. This is not a one size fits all programme, rather a programme that can be tailored to you.

I feel there is no right and wrong with the results you get from the programme. I am pleased with the results I am getting and Belinda championed these, whether they are big or small changes.

I would recommend Belinda Lewis and the jumpstart programme to anyone who wants to create a healthy lifestyle, not just lose weight. If you want a coach who champions you, understands your needs and creates a focus and supports you Belinda is the one!


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1 Life – by Bruce Sullivan

August 8, 2016

1 Life

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
Do you just sneak a glance at who you might be?
Will you look long enough to truly know?
Or are you too busy to reflect and grow?

When you woke, were you grateful for living today,
As though this could be it, your very last day?
Have you learnt what’s important,
Like happiness and health,
Or are you distracted by possessions and wealth

Does your heart have a place where
Your eyes just wont go?
When you look in the mirror it’s too hard to know,
If you’ve cheated a friend or worse, even you.
In this once-only life are you honest and true?

Bruce Sullivan

Nourish. Every meal, every day. Metabolic Jumpstart.

Nourish yourself

August 8, 2016
Exercise. Every step fitter, every step stronger. Metabolic Jumpstart.

Get more exercise

August 8, 2016
More colours, more health. Metabolic Jumpstart.

Eat more colours

August 8, 2016
Berries... Nature's lollies. Metabolic Jumpstart.

Eat more berries

August 8, 2016